[ Integrated management system ]

As a medium-sized company specializing in process automation and digitalization, design, development, integration, and remediation of bespoke corporate IT systems for multinational clients, we recognize the growing legislative and customer demands for quality and security in IT systems. To address these expectations, we have implemented an integrated management system, which is supported by our



as outlined by the company’s management and enforced through policies in these key areas:


  • We pledge to actively monitor and incorporate all relevant legislative requirements concerning our services, products, and clients.


  • We are dedicated to meeting and implementing all ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
  • We are dedicated to meeting and implementing all ISO/IEC 27001:2022 requirements.


  • We strive to forge strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients by providing top-quality services and products, adhering to agreed-upon timelines, prices, security, and quality standards.
  • We are dedicated to utilizing all available resources to ensure the continuity of our business and maintain our company’s reliability for our clients.


  • We commit to sourcing only from the most reputable, reliable, and proven suppliers to guarantee the highest quality in our end products.
  • We endeavor to establish exceptional, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships with both our clients and suppliers, while consistently assigning work packages that align with their capacity and expertise.


  • We are devoted to actively promoting training, certification, and skill development for our employees to uphold the highest industry standards and workplace safety.
  • We are dedicated to fostering an exceptional work environment, providing ample motivation and equipping our employees with the necessary technical and software resources.


  •  We pledge to monitor our competitors, engage in fair competition, draw inspiration from industry leaders, and serve as a catalyst for technological and process innovation.


Our management team is committed to operating in accordance with the principles outlined above and providing the necessary resources to achieve our objectives in relation to our clients and other business partners. Additionally, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our system.

Date: 04.01.2023

Martin Bačík
Managing Director