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Do what you love, and love what you do

Do you believe in destiny? Do we all have a predetermined path in life, or do opportunities and challenges come by chance?

Allow us to take you on a journey with Martin Bačík. A story of how passion can turn into something much bigger later down the road.


“The year was 2000, I was just 15 years old, and I was fixing computers and diving into HTML coding as a self-taught programmer. Already then, I felt deep within me that I wanted to become an engineer later when I grow up. Alongside my love for computers and technology, I nurtured a fascination for Lego Technics and robotics, which eventually led me to pursue a degree in IT and robotics at a renowned technical university in Bratislava.

But life had more in store for me than just lines of code and algorithms. Throughout my high school and university years, I was also a competitive swimmer. I have dedicated 10 years of my life to the relentless pursuit of excellence and technique in the pool. The love for the water has stayed with me to this day (mostly) in my passion for surfing. And what about wintertime when the water freezes? - you might ask. I discovered snowboarding and fell head over heels for this thrilling and demanding sport, thanks to my closest friend Julius Hermely.

As fate would have it, Július also followed his passion and became a representation team trainer for Slovakia in snowboard cross. It was through him that I met a remarkable young lady named Katarína Pitoňáková - Katia, who shares the same burning passion for snowboard cross with a great determination to attend the Winter Olympic Games in 2026.

Unfortunately, her dreams were temporarily stalled due to administrative complications, preventing her from participating in the previous Olympics in China, but her spirit remained unbroken. I know firsthand that reaching the pinnacle of any sport requires unwavering discipline, motivation, and, above all, relentless hard work.

As I got to know Katia on a personal level, I saw a reflection of my own youthful passion and dedication in her eyes. She reminded me of the fire that burned within me when I was her age.

I consider myself privileged to have transformed my early love for computers and technology into a fulfilling career, working alongside like-minded professionals. This realization sparked a desire within me to help others achieve their grand dreams and ambitions. It became evident that Katia's quest for the next Olympics resonated deeply with me, and I made a heartfelt decision to support her directly in her pursuit.

With our collaboration, Katia was able to participate in numerous competitions throughout Europe this year. Her hard work and our assistance culminated in a remarkable achievement — an outstanding 6th place finish in the World Championship at the end of this season. Witnessing Katia's progress and the fruits of our support fills my heart with joy and pride.

It is through these shared moments of passion, love, dedication, and a sprinkle of luck that great accomplishments are born. Empowering dreams becomes possible when we extend a helping hand, believing in the potential of those who share the same passion. Katia's journey shows the power of collaboration, and I am humbled that MNB Solutions have played a role in her remarkable ascent.

In the spirit of unity and ambition, we wholeheartedly support Katia's journey and eagerly anticipate her triumphant presence at the Winter Olympic Games in 2026. As we come together, uniting technology and athleticism, our shared goal is to shape a future where dreams have no limits and success blossoms from tireless commitment and support.

And here's where life's surprising moments come in. Sometimes, in the realm of coincidental encounters, remarkable opportunities can arise. Often, it’s through these unexpected moments that we discover the joy of sharing our happiness with others, only to find out that we have even more of it afterwards."

Martin Bačík

MNB Solutions