Company Dictionary

As a measure of capturing company know-how and creating a better and common understanding of specific terms used on daily basis, our client decided to implement an easy to use company dictionary.

Martin Bačík
Managing Director

Our contribution

User Interface: Applying our UX and UI design experiences we have created a minimalistic and intuitive user interface which makes the orientation and navigation on the page as simple as possible, while maintaining corporate brand & design guidelines.

Search engine: We have designed and implemented a custom search engine which combines exact search with full text search, also allowing users to use wild cards in the search input. Users are also able to additionally filter out results from specific contextual areas that are not relevant to them by applying additional “categories filter”. All of this has allowed us to search among thousands of dictionary entries and feed only the most relevant to our users.


Each employee is encouraged and can create new dictionary entries. When an entry is created, automated workflow takes over, notifying specially designated group of administrators, who will review the term, its description and overall information consistency. When this is done, the newly created entry is pushed to the productive pool and the user who created it is notified and thanked via email, letting him or her know, that the term was successfully added.