Collaboration Board

Our client was looking for an easy and efficient way of managing its team meetings, the team’s tasks and reporting on their completion, vacations and business trips.

Martin Bačík
Managing Director

Our solution

We have developed a workflows-driven site where each team member is able to report on his currently assigned tasks. These tasks can be shared between multiple team members and their progress is automatically calculated based on each input. Each team member can also create a vacation or business trip entry and so ask his/hers superior for approval. These events are then synced to the teams SharePoint calendar.

Meeting facilitator can easily and quickly create meeting events with predefined and automatically created agenda points (tasks). Team members are also able anonymously vote on their current mood on each team meeting occasion, so that the team leader can steer also the team’s morale.

Due to its intuitiveness and ease of replication, the collaboration board became so successful, that our customer is offering it as a team management solution for the whole group and the application was already translated into one foreign language.