ServiceNow Implementation Project

Large German utilities distribution network operator managed more than 30 of its own standard and custom IT solutions (e.g. SAP IS-U, SAP BW, Wetterpool, etc.).

Martin Bačík
Managing Director


For most of these solutions existed an individual Incident and Change Management processes, lacking a common process ground and a basis for consolidated solutions management and reporting. Service Request process was completely non-existent. As part of an extensive IT consolidation strategy ServiceNow platform was chosen as an IT Service Management platform.

Project Methodology: Agile

Duration: ca. 2 years

Budget: 7 digits €

Impact: ca. 2 000 users

Project Implementation:

The first and crucial step in this project was to define a common understanding of the basic ITIL processes and adopt them within the organization. Therefore, core project team was trained in ITIL framework and in ServiceNow Administration, which later acted as a know-how multiplicators. In the first phases of the project, base line processes were defined and implemented into the platform: Incident Management, Change Management, Service Request, all of which were covered with Reporting tools within ServiceNow. Additionally, simplified front-end for business users was added. Parallel to standard user trainings, short training and marketing videos have been created with best practices on how to work with ServiceNow and to raise the platform awareness and popularity. In the later project phases further areas and processes have been implemented into the platform: Release Management, Non-M2C Change Management, Test Management, Agile Project Management and further Dashboards and Reports for each of respective areas. Platform was launched on-time with high user and management acceptance. Currently it is in productive phase and undergoing constant improvements.